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ist-lab: Experiments of istavrak

Accessible Vienna

Browser requirements: requires Javascript - check it!
The main objective of the "accessible Vienna" application is to support citizens or visitors with special needs in the city of Vienna by exploiting Open Data and Google Places Data. It is not only the infrastructure of the city that is important for their daily activities but also the information about the various places (e.g. restaurants, cafés, and theaters) and public facilities (e.g. parking places, subway stations, etc.).
"Accessible Vienna" is combining the Open Government Data of Vienna with the Google Places Data in order to materialize the main idea of the application. In this respect, it gathers information from the municipal data about parking spaces that are designed for people with disabilities, subway stations with elevators, accessible restaurants, cafés and theaters. This data is linked with data retrieved from the Google Places API regarding details about the accessible places (i.e. photos, ratings, website, Google+ and opening hours). Thus, the user is enabled to both choose an accessible place like any citizen by checking photos, ratings and other venue related information, and find information about the availability of the required public services (parking spaces, accessible subway stations) to reach the destination.

EU Unemployment visualization

Browser requirements: requires Javascript - check it!
The visualization was produced with the less possible effort needed to bring it to life. The aim was to demonstrate how Data Journalism could change the way that news are communicated in the online-news era. Imagine all the online newspapers to be interactive instead of static blocks of text, images or videos. Messages are hidden in the government data and visualization is the best way to make people aware of it.
The main objective of this visualization is to stress out the potential of Data Journalism.

Diversity-aware ranking of Twitter posts

Browser requirements: requires Javascript - check it!
This web app has been developed as an extension to the existing diversity-aware ranking approach that has already been developed in the Render project. It gives the opportunity to the user to visualize twitter microposts (tweets) of any public account based on their sentiment, their topic or both of them by using different weights.
  • Under the hood: Twitter API, jQuery UI
The code is available online at the github of my colleague @thalhamm.

Airbnb alerts

Get it from github!
While planning a long trip, I found myself checking the airbnb website a few times per day, while there is no way to sort the results by the creation date of the entries (imagine having 6-7 pages of results and 20 of those per page!). Therefore, in order to help myself go through the process, I wrote a small crawler that stores the results of a specific search in a database along with the current timestamp. Then a simple visualization shows the results sorted by date :) In this way, the user can easily check the new results in her/his search! Then check the respective links and photos and that's it!
  • Under the hood: Python, Scrapy, MySQL, PHP
The code is available online at my github. It took me a few hours to code it but it saved many more! I love coding efforts that pay off immediately :)
More experiments are in the pipe!